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Cardinal Update – March 2019

CARDINAL PHILANTHROPY: Your Partner in Charitable Giving – As a client of Cardinal Capital Management Inc. or as one of our advisor partners, there are extensive resources available to you when considering charitable gifting. Perhaps your thoughts involve making a substantial gift to a charity in Canada, or perhaps setting up your own family foundation, or something in between, Cardinal Philanthropy has the knowledge, skills and experience to help you make such decisions.

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DM Monthly Report – March 2019

SHARE REPURCHASES REACH RECORD LEVELS IN 2018 – Though identifying companies which are able to generate and grow cash flow is fundamental to our equity investment process, perhaps even more important is the emphasis we put on understanding what management will do with excess capital once received. As we see it, a company can invest surplus funds to generate organic growth, it can acquire other firms to realize synergies, it can boost its dividend, and/or it can buy its own stock in the open market. If management is effective in its use of capital, the company’s intrinsic value will rise and, eventually, this should be reflected in share price.

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Cardinal Update – Feb 2019

VOLATILITY – Stock market volatility moves in both directions. As investors, we are elated to see upside volatility as our portfolio increases in value. Unfortunately volatility was far more on the downside last year. If you have been watching stock movements as of late, you would have noticed that sentiment can turn on a dime. Investors trying to understand and predict the  short term direction of the market have been whipsawed. Uncertain or bad news has been met with down markets and even sometimes good news has, at times, rattled the markets over the past few months.

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DM Monthly Report – Feb 2019

DID THE MARKET JUST SHAKE OUT A FEW ‘WEAK HANDS’?  It’s said the market declines cause capital to shift from weak to strong hands – – in other words, those least confident in their long term investment plans are most likely to abandon them when things get difficult, while those with resolve tend to view disruptions as opportunities to rebalance portfolios and deploy idle cash. When stocks punctuated their Q4 slide with a sharp plunge on Christmas Eve, one can assume the more than a few turkey dinners were served with a side of portfolio angst.

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