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Cardinal Update – September 2017

WHAT’S  YOUR MONEY MAKING?Amidst the political drama south of the border and geopolitical tensions dominating the news headlines, it’s easy to lose sight of how the underlying global economy is actually doing. But as the proverb goes, ‘no news is good news’ now applies to most global economies including the European Union and Japan. After struggling to recover post financial crisis, many European economies are now expanding.

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DM Monthly Newsletter – Sept 2017

STAYING ON PLAN IN UNINSPIRING MARKETS – Equities have generated a prodigious total return since their financial crisis meltdown and, in retrospect, it’s obvious that this was a great time to be invested. Through the period, however, there have been no shortage of unnerving events and market drops to test one’s fortitude and will to remain invested.

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Cardinal Capital – August Update

North Korea – What Should An Investor Do?

  • We are all worried about the current standoff with North Korea. Kim Jong-Un took over as Leader of North Korea in 2011 and has launched 17 missile tests in 2017 alone; more tests than in 20 years from 1991 to 2011 before he took charge. The problem is that North Korean missile technology has improved enormously in the past few years versus previous decades when it was common to hear the country announce a missile test only to have it fail to launch………
  • The trouble with attempting to move to cash in advance of one of these events is that markets tend to start moving sharply higher well before the crisis in question is actually resolved. And of course, there is also the very real possibility that the situation does not get worse, in which case investors will likely drive the market higher in a relief rally. As an investor, doing nothing can feel like a difficult move, but history suggests it is the best move.

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Cardinal Quarterly – July 2017

MARKET OUTLOOK – The global economy continued to strengthen in the second quarter with Canada’s GDP leading the pack at 3.7%. The Canadian economy has been boosted by continued strength in the housing market, the weak Loonie, and decent economic growth in the U.S. The long-struggling European economy has also been showing signs of life after consistently weak growth for most of the past decade. Sooner or later, improving growth in the global economy will lead to higher inflation, which is causing most central banks to reconsider their loose monetary policies.

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